Solution for SharePoint as a Service

    NetApp enables rapid deployment of SharePoint as a service on a storage platform designed to reduce cost and complexity.

    NetApp helps service providers build and deploy SharePoint services with low cost and predictable service levels.

    Get SharePoint services up and running in minutes using our on-demand provisioning. Scale SharePoint as your customers’ needs grow, with our application-aware solution and the ability to store unstructured binary large-object data separate from structured data associated with SQL® databases.

    NetApp® integrated data protection helps keep your customers’ SharePoint services always on. Our data management tools work with both the Microsoft® VSS virtual infrastructure and NetApp SnapMirror® replication technology—simplifying data protection and restore operations in the event of data corruption, an outage, or a SharePoint user request to recover a document from a backup.

    The value of our SharePoint-as-a-service solution increases when combined with NetApp’s industry-leading storage efficiencies, such as built-in deduplication, thin provisioning, and secure multi-tenancy, which work together to deliver lower infrastructure, space, and power costs.

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