NetApp Solution for Exchange as a Service

    NetApp enables rapid deployment of Exchange as a service, reducing service providers’ cost and complexity.

    The NetApp® solution for Exchange as a service helps you build and deploy Exchange services quicker, with low costs and predictable service levels.

    Our application-level thin provisioning eliminates the concept of space reservation. Space gets allocated only as data is written to storage, which minimizes cost and accelerates provisioning. Our writable clones, or FlexClone® volumes, allow you to provision new Exchange Server instances for all Exchange Server roles in only minutes.

    Keep your customers’ Exchange services always on with NetApp data protection capabilities that integrate Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service infrastructures and our SnapMirror® replication solution, enabling quick restoration of operations in the event of a disaster.

    Our single mailbox recovery (SMBR) solution allows restores of single mailboxes, e-mails, and attachments, without physical mounting of databases to Exchange Servers.

    NetApp Exchange-as-a-service solution lets you differentiate your service, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive additional revenue streams.

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