NetApp Solution for Archive as a Service

    NetApp solutions for archive as a service let service providers deliver multi-tenant services across multiple sites.

    Service providers can leverage NetApp® solutions for rapid deployment of archive as a service on a storage platform designed to reduce cost and complexity.

    The flexible and secure NetApp data management platform combines the industry’s best-in-class advanced storage infrastructure for long-term, multigenerational data storage with robust facilities for provisioning, managing, and tracking storage services.

    To meet the cost and access requirements of enterprise customers, NetApp solutions for archive as a service enable providers of cloud storage services to:

    • Deliver multi-tenant services across multiple sites and a spectrum of storage hardware devices.
    • Leverage the NetApp unified storage and operations infrastructure to deliver differentiated archive services to a broad range of customers at the lowest operational cost.
    • Earn revenue by offering an array of archive services on local, regional, national, or global levels.
    • Offer a wide range of retention, replication, performance, and availability service levels tailored to specific industries, regulatory requirements, and data classes.
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