StorageGRID Solution for Citrix ShareFile

    Achieve secure sync and share—plus mobile access to enterprise data: NetApp StorageGRID for Citrix ShareFile.

    NetApp® StorageGRID® integration with Citrix® ShareFile® delivers anytime, BYOD access to enterprise data—which stays secure in on-premises StorageZones backed by StorageGRID object-based storage.

    ShareFile lets you deliver data on any device; IT maintains control and meets compliance and security requirements. Leveraging a decentralized, scale-out object store—that can span geographical sites and include appliance and heterogeneous storage—StorageGRID simplifies the management and growth of your ShareFile data.

    With StorageGRID object lifecycle policy, you dynamically adjust data storage performance, cost, efficiency, and reliability based on the changing value of your data. You define data distribution, protection, and tiering; objects are aligned automatically based on metadata, including custom key values.

    StorageGRID is designed for always-on availability. Via proactive data verification, it delivers durability against bit rot, corruption, and tampering. For robust security, you can encrypt objects with AES-256 software before transmitting or committing them to storage.

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