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The Effortless OpenStack Private Cloud

Block, file, object—it’s covered.

Use Cases


Create new features quickly and easily and get them to market faster. Differentiate your offering and gain an advantage over competitors.


IT ticket systems are slow and frustrating. Build a private cloud for your users to provision their resources and services themselves using a self-service model of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, while you define the tiering and architecture to deliver on SLAs.


NFV is replacing dedicated networking appliances with software and automation, offering agility, flexibility, and simplicity. See this great example of telecommunication companies deploying OpenStack.

Leading NetApp Solutions for OpenStack
Intuitive and Scalable Block Storage (Cinder)

SolidFire provides industry-best Cinder integration

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  • Deploy in under a minute.
  • Guarantee performance to every application in your cloud.
  • Automate everything with full-featured API.
Easy and Automated Object Storage (Swift)

Swift on E-Series and Storage GRID Webscale

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  • Leverage the efficiency and resiliency of in-array Erasure Coding to reduce data replication from 3x to 1.3x.Operate in a global namespace.
Validated and Tested Converged Infrastructure

The Red Hat OpenStack Platform on Flexpod is a Cisco Validated Design of a full stack to build your OpenStack datacenter.

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  • Reduce risk with clear cost and performance targets.
  • Unified support path for the full solution.
  • Take advantage of a validated design to simplify the deployment of OpenStack.
Data Center Infrastructure Analytics

Monitor and manage your OpenStack cloud with OnCommand Insight

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  • Monitor and analyze the utilization and performance of your Cinder and Manila volumes.
  • Use insights gained to optimize the performance of critical workloads on OpenStack.
Award-Winning Cloud Backup

NetApp AltaVault delivers cloud-integrated storage at scale.

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  • Securely back up data to-and-from OpenStack cloud, through the Cinder backup service.
  • Reduce costs by up to 90% compared with on-premises solutions..
  • Launch one of the most scalable cloud-integrated storage products.