NetApp Telecommunications Solutions

    Telecommunications organizations call on NetApp for delivery of services such as IPTV, messaging, VoIP, e-mail, and wireless and broadband content.

    Technology advancements and deregulation are changing the competitive landscape your peers the telecommunications industry. As distinctions between communications, information, and entertainment companies disappear, you rely on adding bundled services of video, voice, and data to stay competitive.

    Use our tools and open standards to support interoperable, nondisruptive storage solutions.

    Cost efficiencies are realized while adding these new services to expand your market:.

    • Archive your video in NetApp's storage systems to simplify upgrading, database, middleware, and server maintenance.
    • Store logs and archival e-mail content with NetApp. Use our technology to provide your customers with cost-effective, secure communications.
    • Deliver massive volumes of content in increasingly complex and distributed environments through our scalable infrastructure and simplified data system. SMS/MMS, VoIP, and e-mail messaging applications are critical to the success of your operations.