Siemens PLM Software - Teamcenter Backup and Recovery

    NetApp software integrates with Teamcenter to deliver better data protection, reduce backup windows, and lower costs.

    NetApp® backup capabilities integrate with Teamcenter to deliver near-instantaneous, consistent backup and recovery of Teamcenter database and data volumes. NetApp Snapshot™ technology reduces backup windows from hours to less than a minute. Snapshot copies are created in less than one second, regardless of the size of the volume or the level of activity on the NetApp storage system.

    For information about how to implement the NetApp backup and recovery feature, see the Teamcenter Deployment Guide (Siemens PLM Software WebKey account required).

    For more information about NetApp solutions for Teamcenter, see this joint NetApp/Siemens PLM Software technical report: Teamcenter on NetApp Storage over NFS: A Reference Architecture (PDF).