Electronic Design Automation

    Consolidated, simplified NetApp storage for semiconductor and electronics manufacturers optimizes EDA processes.

    The volume of complex design data expands with each step in the semiconductor and electronics design process, making data management a mission-critical capability.

    NetApp® consolidated, simplified storage solutions support time-to-market goals by providing optimal data availability, migration, and protection as well as system performance and simplicity. NetApp solutions for electronics design automation (EDA) help manufacturers cope with scalability, data reuse, and remote collaboration issues.

    NetApp unified storage solutions for EDA offer:

    • Multiprotocol support. Native support of NFS and CIFS within the NetApp kernel allows Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux® clients to share the same copy of data, without needing emulation software.
    • High performance. Faster check-in and check-out operations reduce build times from days to hours. Our powerful storage capacity holds large simulation and testing files, letting you reallocate space on the fly between each iteration.
    • Availability. Our Snapshot™ copies provide quick recovery of deleted or corrupted data files for increased productivity. Online disk expansion minimizes planned downtime.
    • Scalability. Dynamic online disk expansion increases storage capacity without rebooting.
    • Product data management. NetApp hot-swappable, scalable storage accommodates large PDM files with ease.
    Contact your NetApp representative to learn more about how our electronic design automation solutions can enhance your manufacturing efforts.