NetApp Solutions for Life Sciences

    NetApp solutions for life sciences help validate, protect, and manage data during product trial and approval processes.

    Pharmaceutical and bioresearch organizations worldwide rely on NetApp® efficient, flexible data management systems to support their quest for new drugs and improved patient care. We deliver fast data access, system integration, and the ability to share massive amounts of scientific data—whether structured or unstructured.

    Take advantage of NetApp solutions for the life sciences industry to:

    • Mitigate regulatory and business risk.
    • Boost productivity.
    • Simplify IT operations.
    • Improve collaboration by providing access to all research data across your network.
    • Speed the drug discovery process.
    • Facilitate interoperability with present and future life sciences applications, including those in the public domain.
    • Maximize your infrastructure investment by storing compliance data on the same system as your production and research data.
    • Scale to keep pace with research breakthroughs and global collaboration opportunities.
    • Use our partner enhancements for database support, e-mail and collaboration, content distribution, and document management.
    Contact your NetApp representative to learn more about how we can help keep your scientists focused on research—not on storage management.