NetApp U.S. Public Sector: Hybrid Cloud

    Establish a data fabric to unite public sector data management environments, on premises and in the cloud.

    Federal, state, and local government agencies are adopting hybrid cloud computing for its economic and technical benefits. But this mixture of cloud and on-premises environments can create isolated, incompatible data silos.

    A data fabric powered by NetApp seamlessly connects disparate IT environments into a cohesive, integrated whole. Maintain control and choice as you manage, secure, and move your data across the hybrid cloud.

    NetApp® hybrid cloud solutions help you:

    • Do more with less in the face of fast-changing IT landscapes and increasing budget constraints.
    • Achieve scalable, on-demand cloud-computing services with an efficient, flexible IT infrastructure.
    • Back up data to any cloud at up to 90% less cost than on-premises solutions. NetApp AltaVault® cloud-integrated storage can preserve your investments in existing data backup infrastructure.
    Find out how NetApp is helping to build a data-driven government: leading the way with proven technologies that power cloud infrastructures now and in the future.