Protect people and property with efficient storage and management of video surveillance and other digital evidence.

    Law enforcement and other local public safety agencies use digital solutions such as video to provide more reliable evidence for the apprehension and conviction of criminals.

    NetApp® data storage solutions support the processes that manage and retain the high-resolution digital evidence recorded by today’s sophisticated equipment.

    NetApp public safety solutions include:

    • Storing and managing in-car video and body-worn camera surveillance evidence
    • Managing large volumes of video surveillance data so it can be turned into actionable intelligence
    • Building a high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable digital evidence management infrastructure

    NetApp digital solutions offer law enforcement:

    • Continuous access to digital video evidence using a field-proven design that delivers high reliability and 99.999% availability
    • Capacity and bandwidth to support data-intensive video-evidence applications
    • Secure sharing of video evidence with authorized users
    • High levels of data integrity through advanced data protection features and extensive diagnostic capabilities
    • Lower operational costs plus extreme density in a small footprint, to accommodate data growth of surveillance images