Full-Motion Video Solution for Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination

    NetApp FMV solution captures, transfers, and stores ISR sensor data to support better in-theatre decision-making.

    NetApp® Full-Motion Video (FMV) solutions can transform the processing of sensor data and imagery to provide you with actionable intelligence in the most demanding environments. We deliver preconfigured, pretested solutions designed to capture multiple high-speed FMV feeds. Based on our E-Series data storage platform, our solutions are optimized for capturing and examining rich video for improved decision-making.

    The NetApp E5424 data storage system is optimized for high bandwidth and high IOPS in a low form factor, and is capable of ingesting hundreds of simultaneous sensor feeds.

    Our E5460 system delivers industry-leading density in a standard rack configuration with excellent performance, providing faster access to critical data over a longer period of time

    NetApp has designed our Full-Motion Video solution to scale linearly in both capacity and bandwidth, or expand capacity independent of performance to support expected data growth.

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