NetApp helps K-12 and higher education institutions enhance learning environments to better support students and staff.

    Educational institutions face an explosion of data, thanks to online learning, educational portals, statewide testing, BYOD, virtualization, and other trends.

    NetApp® efficient data storage and data management solutions can:

    • Reduce TCO. Institutions can buy 50% less storage; save up to 50% on power, cooling, and space costs; and lower administrative costs.
    • Expand IT services. NetApp helps you support virtual learning while providing secure mobility and a safe BYOD environment.
    • Enhance big data and research. Using our high-performance computing and data analytics, institutions can support research grants and help students succeed in school.
    • Support public safety and improve cybersecurity. Use NetApp high-performance storage solutions for video surveillance, protecting sensitive student data, and meeting compliance regulations.
    • Achieve multicloud data mobility. Manage data with ease across public, private, and hybrid cloud resources.
    • Enable service continuity. The nondisruptive NetApp Data ONTAP® OS helps you keep working, even during tech refreshes and upgrades.