FlexPod Select for High-Performance Oracle RAC

Boost transaction processing, services delivery, and competitiveness with FlexPod Select for Oracle RAC.

NetApp® FlexPod® Select for High-Performance Oracle® RAC solution delivers performance, business agility, and availability for all your business-critical workloads running on Oracle Database. This preconfigured, validated solution combines storage, networking, and servers. FlexPod Select for Oracle RAC uses NetApp all-flash EF-Series storage arrays to handle your most demanding Oracle workloads.

Accelerate Oracle Database applications.
The standard FlexPod Select for High-Performance Oracle RAC configuration delivers over 1 million IOPS with submillisecond latency. This allows you to deliver faster response times for end users and customers. Integrated high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities give you always-on database performance.

Respond to changing business needs fast, with little or no disruption.
FlexPod Select for High-Performance Oracle RAC allows you to deploy supporting infrastructure in half the time compared to traditional approaches. And, you can scale it down by half or scale it higher as your application requirements grow. The EF-Series all-flash arrays deliver 99.999% availability. By following best practices, our customers have achieved 99.9999% availability.