Site-to-Site High Availability

Protect against storage infrastructure failure. Support business continuity. Maintain nondisruptive operations.

Recover from failures with zero data loss. Keep your critical applications always available.

NetApp® solutions for site-to-site high availability let you extend ONTAP® software’s nondisruptive operations beyond the data center for critical applications and infrastructures. You maintain high availability for your mission-critical data and applications—at half the cost and complexity.

Built into the NetApp ONTAP software, NetApp MetroCluster™ software combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring to provide transparent recovery from failures. Thousands of enterprises and service providers worldwide rely on MetroCluster for high availability, zero data loss, and non-disruptive operations—both within and beyond the data center.

  • Protect against hardware, network, or site failure via transparent switchover.
  • Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime and change management.
  • Upgrade hardware and software without disrupting operations.
  • Deploy without complex scripting, application, or operating system dependencies.
  • Achieve continuous availability for VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and more.

Learn more about how you can deploy affordable disaster recovery with MetroCluster.