Catalogic Software Integrated Backup

    Catalogic NSB™ delivers 95% faster backups, using 90% less storage.

    NSB is a turnkey data protection solution that combines Catalogic management software with core NetApp technologies and high-performance NetApp disk storage.

    NSB leverages NetApp SnapVault® block-incremental replication to offer D2D and D2D2T backup for heterogeneous data (including data not residing on NetApp storage). NSB also offers advanced VMware recovery capabilities.

    Catalogic NSB can deliver a combination of 95% faster backups, 95% VM backup impact reduction, and 99.99% backup success rates, all while using 90% less storage. NSB leapfrogs the competition, letting you restore any backup as a virtual machine. You also can eliminate the restore window entirely by directly mounting a backup and using it immediately.

    Catalogic NSB reduces backup impact on CPU, disk I/O, and VM performance, reduces network traffic, and speeds recovery with advanced file, application, server, VM, bare metal, and DR capabilities.

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