NetApp Private Storage for SoftLayer

    Extend SoftLayer cloud services with dedicated enterprise storage.

    What if you could use SoftLayer Cloud for workloads that involve sensitive data? NetApp® Private Storage (NPS) for SoftLayer®, an IBM Company, gives you the elasticity and savings of SoftLayer Virtual and Bare Metal Servers coupled with the performance, availability, and control of dedicated enterprise storage.

    Use SoftLayer cloud compute for workloads that require strict data sovereignty and compliance. When you control your storage, you know where your data is located at all times. An NPS approach puts your data “next to” rather than “into” the SoftLayer cloud in Equinix data centers via SoftLayer Direct Link, a secure, dedicated, high-speed connection that outperforms and bypasses the Internet. Your compute feels local while your data remains secure and protected.

    Match compute resources to utilization. Handle peak, unforecasted or seasonal workloads. Avoid unplanned investments or outages. Your enterprise applications will get the high performance and low latency they need.