Cloud Solutions Overview


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Discover the Unbound Cloud. Move and control your data across multiple cloud environments using NetApp Data ONTAP.

NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® software offers a single storage and data management platform that enables unrestricted, secure movement of data across public and private clouds—allowing you to move to hybrid cloud architectures.

Universal Data Platform

Start with private cloud and evolve to a hybrid cloud environment. You retain the proven storage efficiency, availability, and scalability of the world’s #1 branded storage operating system*.

Dynamic Data Portability

Integrated data transport, including the #1 replication software and first-of-its-kind hypervisor translation, offers dynamic movement of data and workloads across any cloud resources, helping you boost IT efficiency and avoid vendor lock-in.

Extensive Choice

Create your private, public, or hybrid cloud strategy with NetApp and your choice of our 175+ cloud service provider partners worldwide.

Leverage open-source options to provision and manage cloud resources with CloudStack and OpenStack.

Discover the Unbound Cloud. Learn more about NetApp Cloud solutions PDF.