Video Surveillance Storage Solution

NetApp helps you meet the challenges of increased surveillance data throughput, retention, and retrieval.

Concerns over security, crime, and terrorism have driven creation of massive video surveillance infrastructures—increasing the demand for video storage. NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage solutions provide a complete line of external storage systems designed to meet today’s challenges. Our solutions deliver unprecedented capacity, speed, and durability.

The E-Series storage system uses a modular architecture for a true pay-as-you-grow solution to address growing data storage requirements. Leading intelligent video security, combined with E-Series storage, handle the bandwidth-intensive streaming environments of next-generation video surveillance infrastructures. With them you get:

  • Consistent high-performance bandwidth for media-intensive video streaming environments
  • Performance-tuned solutions that deliver high-availability access to media content
  • Superior performance to and from NVR for greater camera support and fewer NVR instances
  • The capability to leverage your investment in video cameras and networks and maintain productivity with high-availability storage

The NetApp Video Surveillance Storage solution offers superior storage to meet the advances in next-generation video and analytic surveillance technology.