NetApp high-performance computing solutions for Lustre offer massive storage density and performance for big data.

    NetApp® high-performance computing solution for Lustre can help you manage the escalating data capacities and complexities created by data-intensive applications such as simulation and modeling. Combined with the open-source Lustre file system, our solution lets you maximize productivity, improve computational efficiencies, and increase ROI.

    NetApp lets you choose the components you need with the flexibility to scale performance or capacity later. You can start small, and expand in 2U or 4U increments—and scale bandwidth and capacity independently.

    NetApp E-Series data storage systems meet the demands of HPC without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. The NetApp E5724 data storage system is optimized for high bandwidth and high IOPS with leading price/performance. The NetApp E5760 system maximizes storage density with minimum footprint. Its modular design lets you create a storage deployment tailored to your budget and HPC requirements.

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