Enterprise Content Repository Solution

Store billions of files and petabytes of data in a single volume with enterprise-grade data protection, efficiency, and high availability.

The NetApp® enterprise content repository solution provides agile storage for big content. Based on the new Infinite Volume feature of Data ONTAP® 8, it offers you data scalability to handle massive data growth, combined with Data ONTAP storage efficiencies and enterprise reliability.

Our enterprise content repository solution lets you:

  • Store tens of petabytes of data and billions of files in a single volume.
  • Retrieve content quickly whenever you need it.
  • Protect against hardware failures and avoid operational downtime with built-in high-availability features.
  • Meet multiple RPOs with Snapshot and SnapMirror replication.
  • Implement private clouds with secure multi-tenancy.
  • Start small and grow as needed with granular, nondisruptive scale-out.

The new era of large-scale data is breaking traditional architectures—there's simply too much content to store and manage efficiently. NetApp has addressed these challenges by integrating infinite data storage with Data ONTAP enterprise functionality in the enterprise content repository solution.

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