Storage for Windows Environments— Consolidation

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    Reduce costs by consolidating Windows applications and file storage onto a NetApp agile data infrastructure.

    If you have Windows® servers with dedicated disks or small SANs acting as Windows file servers or running Windows applications, NetApp can help you lower costs and simplify your environment. Putting Windows application storage on NetApp is more efficient, and it streamlines data management. The same NetApp® storage solutions can replace all your Windows file servers.

    You gain the advantages of the proven unified storage efficiency and intelligent data management capabilities of NetApp for both Windows application and file data:

    • Scale as storage needs grow and reclaim space currently occupied by redundant copies of libraries, lists, data files, or versions.
    • Achieve intelligent management to automate tasks and reduce administrative overhead.
    • Consolidate servers, pool storage, and simplify complex tasks.

    With NetApp agile data infrastructure, you can consolidate with confidence.

    Contact us to learn how you can assess and consolidate storage for your Windows environment today.