Storage for Windows Environments – Business Continuity

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    NetApp business-continuity solutions for Windows increase data availability and reduce unplanned downtime.

    NetApp® business continuity solutions for Windows deliver continuous data availability, reduce downtime, and provide high levels of protection. Our solutions offer:

    • Easy setup, deployment and management
    • RAID-DP® for full data replication and protection against multiple disk failures
    • Virtualization tools that control protection levels for your Windows® data

    NetApp helps you address all the possible causes of downtime, from operator errors to network/site outages. Our portfolio of business continuity solutions allows you to choose the method that best meets your needs—and budget—to quickly recover full functionality. Our portfolio includes availability and data-protection technologies, as well as full data replication.

    Deploying efficient IT continuity solutions can be cost effective, as NetApp solutions keep critical data available without the management overhead of traditional solutions. Our intelligent data management and file virtualization tools create automated data protection policies for all Windows data.

    Visit our continuity solution page or contact us to see how you can deploy a cost-effective Windows storage solution.