MySQL Enterprise Development &Test Environments

    Create space-efficient copies of MySQL Enterprise databases in minutes—develop and deploy applications faster than ever.

    NetApp® FlexClone®, a key technology in Data ONTAP®, allows you to create and replicate MySQL Enterprise databases in minutes using less storage space than other vendors require.

    Developers use these virtual copies of MySQL Enterprise production data to simultaneously work on essential business operations such as patching, testing, development, reporting, training, and quality assurance. Using server virtualization software, DBAs can provide customized, isolated environments, including OS platforms and databases for each development project, so different projects don’t have to share the same databases. You can use NetApp FlexVol® to provision additional storage resources for more projects or for time-critical testing of emergency patches.

    Call your sales representative to discover how you can improve IT efficiency in you development and test environments with NetApp Storage solutions for MySQL Enterprise.