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High Performance for Heavy Workloads

To process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data, your operations demand lightning-fast, highly reliable IT infrastructure. Our storage is up to the challenge.

Typical Use Cases


In labs and universities, NetApp high-performance computing solutions support massive performance and storage density—without sacrificing efficiency.


Media and Entertainment

By providing high-performance storage behind media servers, NetApp helps broadcasters, studios, cable providers, and Internet-delivery networks solve their big-media challenges.


Oil and Gas

NetApp leadership in price-performance for throughput workloads is well suited for seismic data processing—in the field, in the data center, or near the cloud.


AI and Machine Learnining

AI and machine learning demand parallel file systems to manage huge amounts of data. Ingest and process different-size datasets with maximum efficiency and minimum latency.


Financial Services

Gain the high performance you need to process large volumes of transactions and track fast-moving stock numbers.


Edge Computing

Leverage high-performance computing next to the cloud for edge devices that ingest too much data for the cloud.



Process, store, and analyze massive amounts of data to bring higher quality products to market—faster and more cost-effectively.



Huge amounts of data demand parallel file systems. Ingest and process different-size datasets with maximum efficiency and minimum latency.


Key Partnerships

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Best-in-class compute systems, high-performance network infrastructure, high-speed storage system, and easy-to-use management system.

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Leading parallel cluster file system developed specifically for workloads that have extreme I/O demands.

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Enterprise-grade parallel file system that spreads the workload across all storage nodes in a cluster, resulting in accelerated performance and better data access.

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Advanced technologies, services, and knowledge to move society and enterprises forward.

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Pioneered accelerated computing to solve problems that normal computers cannot solve, including DGX SuperPOD and Magnum IO.

pixitmedia Logo

Provides solutions to manage the toughest challenges of modern media workflows.

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The scalability of open source software, RDMA standards, commodity processors, PCI Express, and SAS/SATA/NVRAM/flash storage technologies.

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Unlock the power of cognitive computing to transform and analyze audio, video, text, and more into actionable insights.

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E-Series Hybrid

Built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup requiring simple, fast, reliable SAN storage.

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EF-Series All-Flash Arrays

Deliver fast, consistent response times to accelerate high-performance databases and data analytics.

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Secure, durable object storage lets you manage unstructured data at scale—optimizing workflows and reducing overall costs.