Data Warehouse Solutions Development and Test

    NetApp Data Warehouse solutions give dev/test teams real-time access to database copies with no production impact.

    NetApp provides dev/test teams with real-time data warehouse access, enabling advanced testing and development that uses real-world data. Managing the separation, updates, and consistencies between production and development/test data warehouses is not a trivial task, even for the most experienced IT teams. NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and SnapRestore® technology give development and test teams the latest database flows, without impact to production. Our technology ensures extract, transform, and load (ETL) completion.

    NetApp FlexClone®technology lets IT organizations instantly create and replicate databases into data marts or data warehouses for dev/test workloads. FlexClone virtual copies of production databases enable all development and test work to use near-real-time copies of data whether for patching, testing, development, reporting, training, or quality assurance.