UNIX File Services

    Consolidate UNIX data and files onto unified, flexible NetApp enterprise storage to boost flexibility and performance.

    UNIX® data is vital to many business operations, including engineering, scientific, and research operations. But growing quantities of UNIX data remain distributed and disconnected, which constrains data availability, operational uptime, and productivity. 

    NetApp® storage consolidation solution for UNIX file serving delivers a very available, streamlined storage system; integrated data management software; and comprehensive, always-on support services. By consolidating your UNIX data and files onto a flexible, enterprise-class NetApp unified storage solution, you can accelerate performance and availability while reducing resource requirements and costs.

    The effects of NetApp consolidation include uninterrupted UNIX data access, improved data oversight, and dependable data protection, as well as faster response, improved reliability, more efficient capacity utilization, and secure sharing of data across multiple operating platforms.

    For more information, see our Storage Consolidation Solution for UNIX File Serving (PDF) brochure.