Medical Imaging / PACS

    Expedite medical imaging data access, manage data growth, and enhance patient care with NetApp data storage solutions.

    PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) solutions, critical to hospital patient care, consume increasing amounts of storage as the technology supports higher resolutions, more images per study, and federal/state requirements.

    Choosing NetApp® data storage solutions for your PACS can help lower infrastructure costs, simplify data management, and deliver unmatched flexibility for system deployment.

    With NetApp data storage solutions supporting your medical imaging and PACS solutions:

    • Doctors and patients gain fast, available access to critical medical images.
    • Medical images can be integrated with other patient health information to create a single, integrated electronic health record (EHR), a U.S. government mandate.
    • IT departments and hospital administrators get cost-effective, easy-to-maintain data storage that scales to hundreds of terabytes and controls operating costs.
    • PACS systems maintain HIPAA-compliant high uptime through NetApp’s high availability, robust data protection, strong security, and disaster recovery features.

    Contact your NetApp representative to find out more about our data management solutions for medical imaging and PACS.