Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    NetApp enterprise content management solutions help you deploy ECM applications faster, with less disk and less risk.

    NetApp® enterprise content management (ECM) solutions provide higher performance, availability, and scalability for content and databases, at an affordable price. NetApp offers flexible, unified storage that supports your entire infrastructure.

    NetApp data storage systems feature innovative technology to help you manage more data using fewer disks. NetApp RAID-DP® technology offers superior protection against disk failures, using 20-50% less disk than standard RAID. Thin provisioning and NetApp FlexVol® technology let you provision storage as needed and reclaim what’s not needed. NetApp deduplication technology reduces the space used by identical or similar files, cutting the storage required for typical electronic documents by 50%.

    We support multiple storage tiers, protocols, and networks within one architecture, simplifying deployment and data management. Our integrated data protection allows frequent, instant hot backups; rapid recovery; and efficient remote replication to help you maximize application availability and minimize risk.