Manage data and information associated with Documentum products with an array of NetApp’s storage solutions for your entire Documentum infrastructure

    We know you’re experiencing rapid growth in the size of your data repository and the users who need to access the repository. Store, manage, protect, and serve all your Documentum data with our enterprise storage solutions.

    Handle terabytes of content with our SAN storage solutions that are reliable and intuitive for Documentum databases and indices.

    • Simplify and accelerate Documentum database and index storage.
    • Get an added level of compliance and confidence with our SnapLock solution that protects content from tampering at the storage level.
    • Get instant backups, near-instant restores, and simple remote replication for disaster recovery.
    • Transparently encrypt your entire Documentum repository for improved regulatory compliance and data privacy.

    Use our Snapshot™, SnapRestore®, and SnapMirror® to easily manage your backup, data recovery, and data replication requirements.

    Get greater scalability, improved protection, and lower total cost of ownership for your growing repositories.

    • See how our NetApp® enterprise storage solutions help you store, manage, protect, and serve all of your Documentum data.