Application Consolidation

    Consolidate your applications on NetApp storage solutions to meet SLAs and boost storage efficiency and utilization.

    You can smooth your application infrastructure operations and administration by consolidating your applications on NetApp® unified storage solutions.

    Our application-consolidation solutions help you deliver on service-level agreements (SLAs) to your application developers and users, for backup, provisioning, and performance. As a result, you can also deliver more responsive application support.

    Instead of facing the backup or scaling issues typical of direct-attached storage (DAS) deployments, you can consolidate your file services, messaging, database, and other data-intensive business applications on NetApp systems and enjoy streamlined application administration and increased storage efficiency.

    Free your application administrators from struggling with unbalanced IT resources: overloaded systems in some environments and stranded capacity and performance in others. Let NetApp help drive your utilization to 70% and beyond, while simplifying application data management.

    Read the consolidation solutions brief and the professional service brochure for more information about how NetApp data storage solutions can help you consolidate your applications to achieve the efficiency, responsiveness, and cost savings you need.