NetApp data storage complements the consolidation, flexibility, and cost-saving benefits of blade servers.

    Enterprises are turning to modular and flexible blade server platforms to improve their data center efficiency, lower costs, improve agility, and respond to growing needs for more compute resources.

    NetApp® data storage solutions provide a flexible data management and protection infrastructure that supports the rapid provisioning, data availability, and performance standards of high-density blade server environments. Space-efficient thin provisioning capabilities from NetApp enable the fast and cost-effective testing, development, and cloning of blade data and applications.

    Our storage enables:

    Fast and flexible provisioning. NetApp FlexClone® technology provides writable point-in-time images of blade data that take seconds to create and restore, without impacting server resources or I/O performance.

    Performance and availability. Resource-efficient NetApp Snapshot™ copies allow cost-effective and frequent blade data backups, with sustained data availability and no performance impact.

    Increased utilization. NetApp FlexVol® volumes provide fast creation of multiple, high-performance data volumes that can be managed and moved independent of the underlying physical storage.

    Contact your NetApp representative to learn how our storage solutions can support your implementation of blade servers.