Backup to Tape Solutions

    Protect your data against corruption and hardware failures with NetApp backup-to-tape solutions for FAS storage systems.

    Tape is an important part of any NetApp® FAS data protection strategy, either as an initial target for backups or as a third tier in disk-to-disk-to-tape backup solutions.

    Achieve more flexibility and efficiency when creating disaster recovery and compliance backups of your FAS systems using Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). NDMP enables direct backup of FAS systems to tape, increasing the efficiency of your data protection and reducing the load on backup servers.

    NetApp’s software releases have been certified for use with applications from all the leading backup software vendors, and we support a variety of tape devices. As a result, we let you standardize your data storage and simplify your data protection.

    Learn more about our NDMP certification.

    Review a complete list of supported devices to see if our backup-to-tape solution can help your enterprise.