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Service Description Details

Find cost-effective technical-support options for data storage.

SupportEdge Services

Discover live, cloud, and digital resources to deliver comprehensive support—whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

Premium SupportEdge Card

SupportEdge Premium

For systems that require optimal performance, high availability, and expedited support. Combines remote services with expert onsite resources as needed.

Standard SupportEdge Card

SupportEdge Standard

Flexible technical support that offers faster response than warranty, including delivery and installation of replacement parts.

Software Support Plan Card

Software Support Plan

Provides access to software updates plus robust digital and remote support for NetApp® systems, standalone, and cloud-storage software.

Secure Onsite Card

SupportEdge Secure for Government: Onsite

Tailored to the needs of U.S. government organizations. Offers Premium onsite and remote support while meeting security requirements.

Secure Parts Delivery Card

SupportEdge Secure for Government: Parts Delivery

For U.S. government organizations that require Premium support with parts delivery only.

Find services that fit your situation

Maximize the uptime and efficiency of your data management infrastructure. Speed issue resolution.

Support Account Manager Card

Support Account Manager

Improve storage operations. Speed issue resolution with a personal support advocate.

Residency Services Card

Residency Services

Increase the effectiveness of your IT organization with NetApp skilled and certified residents onsite.

Non-Returnable Disk Card

NetApp Solution Support for FlexPod

Supplements required product-level support from NetApp, Cisco, and VMware. Provides full-stack, single-point-of-contact technical support for key components of the FlexPod solution.

Multivendor Support Service for Converged Infrastructure

Supplements SupportEdge Premium and SupportEdge Secure technical support to resolve third-party product issues or interactions for the NetApp solution.

Multivendor Support Service for NetApp Private Storage for Cloud

Supplements SupportEdge Premium and SupportEdge Secure technical support for NetApp solutions. Provides solution identification used by technical support.

Non-Returnable Disk Plus

When added to warranty or SupportEdge, allows you to keep or dispose of your own failed disks, memory, and SSD components.

NetApp SolidFire Active Support

Provides technical support for SolidFire products purchased or renewed before July 10, 2017.