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Services for Next-Generation Data Center

Achieve outcomes that drive your business.

Where to use Services for Next-Generation Data Center

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Simplify and Automate

Eliminate bottlenecks. Enable self-service IT. Accelerate your speed of business.

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Optimize Unstructured Data

Accelerate your data analytics by 50% or more to deliver business insights—and results—faster.

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Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Differentiate and monetize your services offerings. Realize superior business outcomes.

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Deliver Data Insights and Control

Gain true end-to-end ecosystem visibility. Automate and intelligently provision data resources.


Business Consulting for Next-Generation Data Centers

Count on NetApp Services to help you formulate a strategic approach to streamline business operations, boost profitability, and speed time to market.

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Deliver data-driven insights.

Assess business objectives and identify areas of opportunity to evolve your data center. Maximize IT service delivery.

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Define “as-a-Service” opportunities.

Identify strategies for deploying “as-a-Service” business models to accelerate new services development, simplify operations, and reduce risk.

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Align strategy to business goals.

Provide IT direction for process improvement, governance, cloud technology adoption, and IT operations to resolve challenges for specific IT issues. Reveal new business strengths.

Professional Services for Next-Generation Data Center

Accelerate transformation. Lower your risk. Reduce deployment time and cost for faster business results.

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Determine the design.

We define business risks and constraints for deployment, then deliver detailed implementation plans. This minimizes deployment delays, disruptions, and costs to ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

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Accelerate deployment.

Our expert get new IT services to end users faster with reliable, consistent implementation using turnkey processes to eliminate roadblocks and accelerate deployment.

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Smooth data-center transformation.

We use proven methodologies, automated tools, and best practices to smooth your transition, decrease risk, and reduce impact to the business during transition.

Operational Support Services for Next-Generation Data Centers

Enable continuous operations. Achieve operational excellence. Improve cost efficiency.

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Optimize solutions.

We deliver actionable intelligence for managing and optimizing your data management solutions using proactive and predictive technology.

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Maximize IT investment.

NetApp experts keep your business running smoothly. We get the most out of your data by optimizing data storage system utilization, efficiency, and consistency.

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Simplify storage operations.

Our experts optimize performance and efficiency. And we reduce incident risk using NetApp best practices.

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