SAN Heterogeneous Data Migration Services

    SAN Heterogeneous Data Migration Services

    Moving data to your new SAN storage system can be both disruptive and risky. Downtime or performance impacts to your production environments are unacceptable. Add to that the resource demands placed on your staff, CPU cycles, and bandwidth and it's easy to see why data migration has become one of IT's biggest challenges.

    That's why your company should take advantage of our SAN Heterogeneous Data Migration Services. NetApp Professional Services will fully assess, plan, design, implement, test, and complete your entire SAN data migration project. Utilizing industry best practices and state-of-the-art technologies and tools, our experienced data migration specialists will migrate your data at the block level from NetApp or third-party storage systems to NetApp or third-party SAN storage systems. We will then redirect all I/O to your new systems.

    Minimal Disruption, Maximum Results
    Our experienced Professional Services staff has helped thousands of customers successfully migrate data. We deliver the expertise needed for every phase of your migration project, thereby boosting your return on investment. Our expert services will free up your internal resources, minimize disruption and risk, and maximize uptime. You can expect the highest standards from NetApp Professional Services staff.

    And while the ultimate goal of any data migration project is to move the data, substantial upfront planning needs to take place prior to the move in order to ensure a successful migration. Not only does expert, upfront planning help shorten the duration of the migration process, it also reduces overall business impact and risk. Our comprehensive migration plan will fully define what is moved, where it is moved, how it is moved, when it is moved, and how long the move will take.

    For more information, see our SAN Heterogeneous Data Migration Services datasheet or contact your local NetApp account representative.