FlexArray Storage Virtualization Software

FlexArray Storage Virtualization Software

Unify with ONTAP. Deliver more from your existing storage arrays.

Multiple Business Advantages

Virtualize existing arrays to build a Data Fabric.

Create a single data management architecture that overcomes the limitations of your existing storage arrays.

Simplify operations and eliminate downtime.

Standardize data management. Add flexibility for delivering file services. Perform maintenance and updates without disruption.

Reduce TCO by increasing storage efficiency.

Reduce storage needs by 35% or more using leading inline storage efficiency technologies.

Primary Use Cases

NAS Gateway

Increase IT flexibility by supporting new storage requirements for NAS workloads.

Address Business Risks

Strengthen your responsiveness to unexpected events leveraging the leading data protection and security capabilities in ONTAP.

Grow with the Cloud

Eliminate storage silos and create an environment that can manage data across the hybrid cloud.

Models & Specifications

Supported Configurations
FAS models FAS8200, FAS9000, FAS8020, FAS8040, FAS8060, FAS8080 EX
Purchase and activate FlexArray at any time.
Data ONTAP versions ONTAP 8.2.1 and later (ONTAP, clustered Data ONTAP, and 7-Mode)
Arrays EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp E-Series (see Interoperability Matrix Tool for details)
FlexArray also supports NetApp FAS disk shelves (SSDs and HDDs).
Additional software FlexArray supports all ONTAP software except SnapLock® Compliance.
Number of disks plus array LUNs FAS8200: up to 480
FAS9000: up to 1440
FAS8020: up to 480
FAS8040: up to 720
FAS8060: up to 1,200
FAS8080 EX: up to 1,440
Flash acceleration Flash Cache™: Supported with FlexArray running on FAS8000/8200/9000 systems configured with storage arrays or NetApp FAS disk shelves
Flash Pool™: Supported with FlexArray running on FAS8000/8200/9000 systems configured with NetApp FAS disk shelves

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