NetApp FlashRay Software

    Enjoy a no-compromise approach to all-flash storage with the new Mars OS.

    The new NetApp® Mars™ storage operating system is designed from the ground up to improve the performance, efficiency, and manageability of all-flash storage. Achieve maximum enterprise application performance at lower costs by using this innovative approach to flash storage.

    The Mars OS includes a variable-length block layout and ‘always-on’ inline efficiency features such as cluster-wide deduplication, byte-granular compression, and thin provisioning. Together, these patented NetApp innovations:

    • Minimize the I/O activity to flash
    • Increase the effective capacity
    • Deliver adaptable performance with consistent submillisecond latencies
    • Address a wide range of high-performance SAN workloads

    To continue adding value, Mars OS is architected to support future enhancements such as:

    • Tight integration with the Data ONTAP® OS for management consistency and cross-platform data mobility
    • Fine-grained scale-out to satisfy growing performance and capacity requirements
    • Use of emerging solid-state technologies to further improve all-flash storage costs