NetApp EF540 Technical Specifications

A new version of this product is available.
Please see the EF550 page.

EF540 Technical Specifications

All data in this table applies to dual-controller configurations.

AttributeNetApp EF540
Disk drivesBase system: 12 or 24 SSDs
Expansion: 24 SSDs
Maximum: 120 SSDs
Raw capacityUp to 38TB
Drive types supported2.5" SSD 800GB
Form factorBase System: 2U/24
Expansion shelves: 2U/24
Base I/O interfaces(8) 8Gb FC
I/O interface expansion options

(8) 8Gb FC
(8) 6Gb SAS
(4) 10Gb iSCSI
(4) 40Gb InfiniBand

OS versionSANtricity® 11.10
High-availability features
  • Dual active controller with automated I/O path failover
  • DDP and RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10
  • Redundant, hot-swappable controllers, disk drives, power supplies, and cooling fans
  • Automatic drive failover and detection and rebuild using global hot spare drives
  • Mirrored data cache with battery backup and destage to memory
  • Nondisruptive controller firmware upgrades (no interruption to data access)
  • SANtricity proactive drive health monitoring tracks SSD wear life and alerts when threshold is reached
  • SANtricity persistent monitor makes periodic copies of the storage system configuration
Operating systems supportedMicrosoft® Windows Server®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, VMware® ESX®, Oracle® Solaris, HP HP-UX, Apple® Mac® OS
Software features

Auto Support, dynamic volume expansion, dynamic capacity expansion, dynamic RAID-level migration, dynamic segment size migration, persistent monitor, proactive drive health monitoring, nondisruptive firmware upgrades, background media scan with autoparity check and correction

SANtricity Snapshot®, SANtricity Volume Copy, SANtricity remote mirroring