NetApp Flash Cache

    Use NetApp Flash Cache intelligent caching and capacity-optimized drives to improve storage performance and efficiency.

    Optimize your storage system performance by adding NetApp® Flash Cache controller-attached PCIe intelligent caching instead of more hard-disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs).

    Flash Cache speeds data access through intelligent caching of recently read user data or NetApp metadata. No setup or ongoing administration is needed, and operations can be tuned. Flash Cache works with all NetApp storage protocols and software, enabling you to:

    • Increase I/O throughput by up to 75%.[1]
    • Use up to 75% fewer disk drives without compromising performance.[2]
    • Increase e-mail users by up to 67% without adding disk drives.[3]

    Intelligent caching and NetApp storage-efficiency technologies enable the Virtual Storage Tier, which promotes hot data to performance storage in real time without moving data.

    Learn more about intelligent caching with Flash Cache and Flash Cache 2.

    Simulate the results of adding Flash Cache with Predictive Cache Statistics, a feature of the NetApp® Data ONTAP® storage operating system.