NetApp Flash Cache Technical Specifications

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     Flash Cache
    Flash Cache
    Flash Cache
    Read Cache256GB of SLC flash memory per module512GB of SLC flash memory per module1TB of SLC flash memory per module
    Cache ManagementSystem interaction and cache managed by customized FPGA
    Physical Characteristics¾-length PCI Express card
    I/O Slot Interfacex8 PCI Express
    I/O Slot Length and OrientationFits into PCI Express ¾-length horizontal, ¾-length vertical, and full-length vertical slots
    Power Consumption18W typical, 25W maximum
    Operating SystemData ONTAP 7.3.5 or later, 8.0.2 or later [4]
    Storage ProtocolsAll protocols supported by the storage controller
    Software CompatibilityWorks with all Data ONTAP software
    Software LicenseOne software license required per storage controller

    Supported Platforms
     Max. Number of Modules, Max. Added Read Cache per HA System [1]
     Flash Cache
    Flash Cache
    Flash Cache
    FAS6290, V6290-16, 8TB16, 16TB
    FAS6280, V6280 [3]-16, 8TB16, 16TB
    FAS6250, V6250-12, 6TB6, 6TB
    FAS6240, V6240 [3]-12, 6TB6, 6TB
    FAS6220, V6220-6, 3TB2, 2TB [2]
    FAS6210, V6210-6, 3TB2, 2TB [2]
    FAS6080, V6080-8, 4TB-
    FAS6070, V6070-8, 4TB-
    FAS6040, V6040-4, 2TB-
    FAS3270, V3270-4, 2TB2, 2TB
    FAS3250, V3250-4, 2TB2, 2TB
    FAS3240, V32404, 1TB2, 1TB-
    FAS3220, V3220-2, 1TB-
    FAS3210, V32102, 512GB [4]--
    FAS3170, V3170-4, 2TB-
    FAS3160, V31604, 1TB--
    FAS3140, V31402, 512GB [4]--
    FAS3070, V30704, 1TB--
    SA620-16, 8TB16, 16TB
    SA600-8, 4TB-
    SA320-4, 2TB2, 2TB
    Note: These specifications are for a dual-controller, high availability (HA) system. Divide numbers by 2 for a single-controller system configuration.

    [1] Flash Cache modules of different sizes can be mixed in the same controller so long as both sizes are supported with that controller. Maximums must not be exceeded for number of modules and quantity of added read cache. For example, the maximum number of modules for a FAS/V6240 high-availability system is 12, and the maximum quantity of added read cache is 6TB. Note that the original PAM module and Flash Cache modules can never be mixed in the same controller.

    [2] The FAS/V6210/20 systems can be configured with one 1TB module plus one 512GB module per controller. This configuration equals the maximum of 1.5TB per controller and 3TB per high-availability system.

    [3] One 512GB module is integrated as a standard feature with each controller in FAS6240, FAS6280, V6240, and V6280 systems.

    [4] Flash Cache is not supported with Data ONTAP 8.1 running on the FAS/V3210 and FAS/V3140 systems