NetApp Flash Cache System Integration

    Flash Cache modules are standard in high-end NetApp storage systems, enabling real-time response to dynamic workloads.

    The following NetApp systems come with Flash Cache integrated as a standard feature:

    One 512GB Flash Cache module is included with each controller, for up to 1TB of intelligent cache in dual-controller, high-availability systems. You can install additional Flash Cache modules to increase the total cache size. See the Flash Cache technical specifications for the maximum supported in each system.

    Flash Cache speeds access to data through real-time intelligent caching of recently read user data and NetApp metadata. It is effective for random read-intensive workloads, including databases, e-mail, and file services.

    The combination of intelligent caching and NetApp data storage efficiency technologies enables the Virtual Storage Tier, which promotes hot data to performance media in real time without moving the data, allowing you to scale performance and capacity while achieving the highest level of storage efficiency in the industry.

    Learn how the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier enables you to build a flexible and efficient shared infrastructure. Find out more about NetApp FAS6200 series and the V-Series open storage controllers.