NetApp E2600 Data Storage System

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NetApp E2600 data storage systems can be custom-configured to meet demanding performance and capacity requirements.

NetApp® E2600 data storage systems address wide-ranging requirements with balanced performance that’s equally adept at throughput for sequential I/O applications and IOPS, to transactional databases.

E2600 multiple enclosure options enable custom configurations for any environment. The E2600 system features a 24-drive shelf that maximizes performance-per-U with low power utilization; the 60-drive shelf supports up to 120TB for maximum rack density.

The E2600 offers interface flexibility, too. Its SAS interface is tailored for high-performance direct-attach solutions; iSCSI and FC interface options provide seamless integration into any SAN.

Fully redundant I/O path, advanced protection features, and extensive diagnostic capabilities deliver high availability, integrity, and security.

NetApp, a leading global OEM storage provider, develops robust, high-performance storage system technology, enabling OEM partners to add value and differentiate their products to meet their customers’ storage needs.