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AFF A-Series All Flash Arrays

Tired of bulky and expensive storage for your mission-critical applications? Meet the newest AFF. Simply fast, simply efficient, plus the reliability you can depend on. Your modern SAN simplified.

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Software Features
Data Access Protocols
High Availability
  • Active-active and symmetric active-active (SAN-only) host connectivity
  • Nondisruptive maintenance, upgrade and scale-out clustering
  • Multi-site resiliency for continuous data access
Storage Efficiency
  • Inline data compression, deduplication and compaction
  • Space-efficient LUN, file and volume cloning
  • Automatic data tiering
Data Management
  • Intuitive onboard GUI, REST APIs and automation integration
  • AI-informed predictive analytics and corrective action
  • Quality of Service (QoS) workload control
  • Easily provision and manage data from market-leading host operating systems, hypervisors and application software
Scalable NAS
  • Large-scale single namespace management with local and remote caching
Data Protection
  • Application-consistent Snapshot® copies and restore
  • Integrated remote backup/disaster recovery
  • Synchronous zero data loss replication
Security and Compliance
  • Multifactor admin access
  • Secure multitenant shared storage
  • In-flight and data at-rest encryption
  • Regulatory compliant data retention
Cloud Integration
  • Seamlessly tier, backup, replicate, cache data to private and public clouds
  • Move data between major public cloud services

Models & Specifications

  AFF A800 Product Demo AFF A700s Product Demo AFF A400 Product Demo AFF A220 Product Demo
AFF A800 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A700 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A400 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right AFF A220 360° VIEW arrow-circle-o-right
Best for[2] Most demanding workloads requiring ultra-low latency Performance-driven workloads and data center requiring modular design Most enterprise applications that require best balance of performance and cost Mid-size business and small enterprises that require simplicity and best value
Maximum scale-out 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes
Maximum SSD 2880 5760 5760 1728
Max Effective Capacity [1] 316.3PB 702.7PB 702.7PB 193.3PB
Controller Chassis Form Factor 4U;48 internal SSD slots 8U 4U 2U;24 internal SSD slots
  1. Effective capacity based on 5:1 storage efficiency ratios with the maximum number of SSDs installed; space savings will vary dependent on workload and use cases.
  2. TechSpecs of additional models, A700s, A320 and A300, can be found here.

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