Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure k460

    Centralize and fortify your enterprise key management.

    Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure k460 is the industry’s first high-assurance, FIPS-validated, KMIP standards-based enterprise key management solution. The KeySecure k460 appliance provides robust enterprise key lifecycle management. Use it to centralize management of up to one million encryption keys and key policies per cluster.

    The hardened, self-contained KeySecure k460 key management appliance:

    • Assimilates with ease into your environment
    • Is fully compatible with the NetApp® ONTAP® software
    • Requires no servers to set up or software to install and maintain
    • Reduces your operating costs
    • Frees your security and IT personnel to focus on more strategic tasks

    This hardware-based platform performs key management across a variety of heterogeneous systems deployed throughout your enterprise, from the data center to virtualized environments.

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