NetApp Connect

NetApp Connect provides a single point of access and control for cloud file sharing and collaboration applications.

Using NetApp® Connect software, you don’t need to store copies of your data with external services to enable your end users to share files and collaborate online—you can leverage your existing investment in servers, networking, and storage infrastructure, and keep your data secure. NetApp® Connect software provides a central point of access and control for cloud applications that require access to on-premises data.

NetApp Connect features a robust policy engine that controls access to data across a large range of cloud applications. Your end users can use the same collaboration and file-sharing services they’re used to, with full access to on-premises data, so collaboration with colleagues and external partners is easier.

Use NetApp Connect to optimize your investments in hybrid cloud across on-premises and cloud applications. Our straightforward pricing model enables predictable cost projections. You leverage storage capacity you’ve already paid for and get the convenience of cloud.