Fibre Channel SAN Solutions

    NetApp offers a full range of Fibre Channel SAN solutions for high performance, data availability, and data management.

    Key Points:
    • Scalable performance, maximum efficiency, and high availability 
    • Unified, multiprotocol architecture
    • Affordable business continuity and disaster recovery
    • For Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, Hyper-V, Oracle, SAP
    • Broad support for native and third-party multipathing and clustering 

    Your data grows each year by 50% to 100%. Trust NetApp® Fibre Channel SAN (FC SAN) solutions to help manage and protect fast-growing data with linear performance, high availability, massive scalability, and greater efficiency.

    With tens of thousands of FC SAN deployments worldwide, industry-leader NetApp can help you:

    • Scale performance and capacity up to 23 petabytes in an 8-node SAN cluster.
    • Gain up to 80% efficiency in virtual machine storage space via NetApp deduplication and compression.
    • Accelerate automated backup and disaster recovery with NetApp SnapMirror® and SnapVault® technologies.
    • Increase data protection and decrease dev/test time using NetApp Snapshot™ and FlexClone® technologies.
    • Interoperate with leading host environments.
    • Simplify provisioning and improve storage utilization.
    • Reduce costs for power, cooling, and space.

    NetApp FC SAN solutions support unified multiprotocol storage, including FC, iSCSI, FCoE, CIFS, and NFS. Our FC SAN solutions feature extensive host OS support for easy data management, plus thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression technologies for scaling and reducing storage capacity as needed. 

    Find out more about our Fibre Channel SAN solutions within a unified storage architecture.

    To learn more about NetApp's efficiency story and how it can improve your data center, read Taneja Group's Technology Validation Report: NetApp SAN Efficiency.