NetApp SnapVault

    Back up and restore in minutes and reduce storage requirements by using NetApp SnapVault disk-to-disk backup software.

    Make data backup and recovery fast and simple. NetApp® SnapVault® software uses block-level incremental replication and NetApp® Snapshot™ copies to provide reliable, low-overhead disk-to-disk (D2D) backup.

    SnapVault efficient data protection works by copying only the data blocks that have changed since the last backup, instead of entire files. By not moving or storing redundant data, you can back up more often while reducing your storage footprint.

    The SnapVault backup solution is part of the NetApp integrated data protection approach for creating a flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructure. Tame data growth. Simplify your adoption of virtualization. Streamline the management of up to petabytes of data.

    Direct backups between NetApp systems minimize the need for external infrastructure and appliances. Increase your application availability with our industry-leading ability to failover to a Snapshot copy.

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