NetApp SnapRestore

    NetApp SnapRestore software uses stored Snapshot copies to recover entire file systems or data volumes in seconds.

    Whether you want to recover a single file or a multi-terabyte data volume, SnapRestore® software makes data recovery automatic and almost instantaneous, regardless of your storage capacity or number of files. With a single simple command, you can choose and recover data from any NetApp® Snapshot™ copy on your system.

    Whereas traditional data recovery requires that all the data be copied from the backup to the source, the SnapRestore process is fast and takes up very little of your storage space. With SnapRestore, you can:

    • Restore data files and databases fast
    • Test changes with easy restores to your baseline copy
    • Recover at once from virus attacks, or after user or application error

    In addition, SnapRestore software requires no special training, which reduces both the likelihood of operator error and your costs to maintain specialized staffing resources.

    To learn more about how Snapshot copies work in SnapRestore backup recovery, see the NetApp Snapshot datasheet.