NetApp SnapMirror Unified Replication

    Streamline your enterprise data protection and enable data reuse with NetApp SnapMirror unified replication software.

    Turn backup and disaster recovery into a business accelerator. NetApp® SnapMirror® software provides fast, efficient backup and disaster recovery of your data across the Data Fabric.

    An integrated feature of NetApp ONTAP, SnapMirror offers an efficient data replication solution between storage endpoints—whether flash, disk, or cloud. SnapMirror technology works with any application in both virtual and bare metal environments and in multiple storage configurations.

    Tune SnapMirror technology to meet data recovery point objectives ranging from minutes to hours. Recover primary data from mirrored data corruption or accidental data loss by failing over to a specific point in time.

    SnapMirror stores data in native format, enabling you to use FlexClone® volumes to create instantaneous, space-efficient copies of replicated data. Use secondary copies to:

    • Test disaster recovery configurations without risk.
    • Accelerate software development and test.
    • Increase business intelligence through extensive data analysis.
    • Satisfy data retention regulations with efficient protection of WORM data.

    SnapMirror support with NetApp AltaVault™ cloud-integrated storage enables efficient end-to-end cloud backup of data volumes, LUNs, and files.

    Learn more about how you can protect and accelerate your business with NetApp SnapMirror.